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Alternative Fuel Saves the Environment and Cuts Energy Expenses

Water Fuel Cells and Water Powered Cars

Every time gas prices go up, the idea of water powered cars becomes more and more attractive. Water as a fuel is not a myth, and even today there are devices, which help to convert water into fuel. There are cheap and reliable ways to convert water into fuel, and one of them is via a water fuel cell. Water fuel cells do not need special knowledge, so practically everybody can use them to convert water into fuel.

Water Fuel Cells Can Convert Water into Fuel

The principle of functioning of water fuel cells is simple. Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen. Water fuel cells take the hydrogen from the water and convert it into Brown’s gas (or HHO), which in turn powers the car. There is a battery, which converts the water into HHO, releasing energy in the process. The process of converting water into fuel is simple and straightforward.

Advantages of Water Fuel Cells

Water fuel cells have many advantages, and it is really surprising that they haven’t become mainstream yet. But most likely the next wave of increased gas prices will amend this. Here are some of the main advantages of water fuel cells:

  • Water is available everywhere. Unlike gas, which can’t be obtained everywhere but only at gas stations, water is practically everywhere.
  • Water fuel cells are cheap. Contrary to what many people might think, water fuel cells can be found for under $200 or even less. This is not much, and after running a car on water for a month, the investment is returned.
  • Water cells are easy to install. For somebody, who has never done any DIY work, installing a fuel cell might be a bit of a challenge but even such a person will be able to install it on his or her own without lots of difficulties. For everybody else, who is skilled in DIY work, the installation of a water fuel cell will be a piece of cake.
  • Better mileage. Another benefit of water fuel cells is that they allow to use the energy more effectively and as a result get 50-60% improved mileage without the need to change anything in the construction of the car.
  • Environmentally-friendly. Running a car on water is a blessing for the environment because there are no harmful exhaust gases.
  • No breach of warranty. The installation of a water fuel cell does not require any construction changes, so there is no risk to damage the car or to breach its warranty. The same applies to the removal of a water fuel cell.
  • Cars are not less powerful when running on water. Finally, if there are worries that water is not as powerful as gas, these worries must be dispelled. Cars don’t lose horsepower because of water!

Water fuel cells are a step ahead in the direction of cutting gas expenses and saving the environment. While 100% water powered cars are still not real, using a water fuel cells to power a car is as real as it can be. Hydrogen powered cars are more realistic than water powered cars, and even today many of the leading car manufacturers offer hydrogen-powered cars, but still, they don’t have all the advantages of water powered vehicles.