Autoglym High Definition Wax Product Review

Autoglym has recently released their latest car wax product, Autoglym high definition wax. The product costing around $59 for a tub is reputedly one of the best car wax products on the market. Here the advantages and disadvantages of the product are considered.

Autoglym High Definition Wax – The Advantages

Finish – The real selling point of Autoglym high definition wax is the finish which can be achieved on a waxed vehicle. Using this brand of car wax will leave a car with a finish of deep luster, seen only on new cars and those which are kept in top condition for show purposes.

Protection – Another great feature of the car wax is its ability to protect the vehicle from the elements. A noticeable difference is seen in the way surfaces react to rainwater. Rainwater sits in small droplets on the vehicle as opposed to pooling, ultimately this means the water will run off the vehicle sooner than if the wax was not applied, thus protecting the vehicle.

Application – Many car wax products are difficult to apply, often products have a tendency to leave white marks on plastic surfaces of the car. The ingredients used in Autoglym high definition wax mean that, even if the user touches such areas with the wax, no white mark is left which spoils the finish.

The package – When buying Autoglym high definition wax, the wax comes as part of a whole kit for application. Contained in the box are two application pads, as well as a polishing cloth. As such no additional products are needed to apply the wax.

Autoglym High Definition Wax – The Disadvantages

Price – The most off-putting factor to consider in buying this brand of car wax is the price of the product. Autoglym high definition wax will set the buyer back in the region of $59 for a tub. Whilst this is expensive in relation to many car wax products, it does not necessarily make the product poor value for money. Whilst the product is expensive, the small tub will give a car many waxes before needing replacement.

Labour intensive – Whilst Autoglym high definition wax gives superior results there is no arguing that the product is a labor-intensive one. When considering that the entire car needs to be covered in the paste and subsequently buffed away. The whole process can take over two hours to complete.

Pre-cleaning – In order to get a decent finish, it is necessary to make sure that the car is entirely spotless and dry before beginning the waxing process. As such this makes the use of Autoglym high definition wax, even more, labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Autoglym High Definition Wax Summary

Overall, Autoglym high definition wax is a great product, if one is looking for a serious car cleaning product and time is not of the essence. In these circumstances, then the advantages of the product certainly outweigh the disadvantages.

The product is not, however, one for everyday use if only for the time-consuming nature of the preparation required before application of the wax itself.

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