Organic Fuel Saving Capsules

Increasing Fuel Economy and Safeguarding the Environment

With crippling fuel price increases and warnings about global warming, scientists are constantly searching for solutions to keep the consumer happy and the planet safe. So when there was talk of a wonder capsule (MPG-CAPS) that you simply throw into your petrol tank, that improves fuel economy and allows your fuel to burn more efficiently, many people wondered if this could be true. Well, apparently it is.

History of the MPG-CAPS

Jerry Lang is the brain behind this promising patent. In fact, he has over 30 years of combustion and heat transfer experience worldwide, and he has done thorough research on these engine tablets with petrol and diesel engines and has had groundbreaking results. After investigating its benefits, the fuel freedom international (FFI) began selling it in November 2005.

The Proof Is in the Testing

The MPG-CAPS are registered which means the chemicals have been checked out and there is nothing in it that will harm your car.

Reports written from people who have tried it suggests that the capsules initially take 3-6 tanks to work and after that, it extends the amount of mileage you get from a tank of fuel.

These people who have used it say that it does help decrease wear on the combustion chamber components, allowing your engine to run more efficiently, reducing harmful emissions. This means that most of those environmentally harmful emissions and the carbon deposits do not collect in your engine.

Case Study

One interested South African gym instructor, Ocean Laube, decided to put the theory to the test himself, on his 1.4 litre Corsa Opel. His readings were taken over a period of a few months in which time he took photographs of his petrol slips and recorded the miles per hour he was approximately driving, over the entire period of time.

He used his trip to Botswana as an opportunity to test the results on his fuel consumption. Ocean says “after extensive personal testing and long distance driving I have found it to be working exceptionally well.”

Can Consumers Believe the Claims?

There are claims made that it reduces toxic emissions, however, there doesn’t seem to be any conclusive evidence of this. Although there are stories that the product was originally developed by NASA as a rocket fuel enhancer, there is no convincing evidence of this either.

Unfortunately, the FFI has not been willing to spend money on establishing proof of the product’s economic effectiveness over a long-term study. The reason experts give for this is that it would be near impossible for testing to show an economic gain by the MPG-CAP.

Ocean Laube could only comment on the increased benefit in fuel consumption he experienced. “I had to test it before I would recommend it to anyone and I can with great confidence say that they work really well.”

So if the evidence is convincing, then these capsules that you simply throw into your petrol tank work, then your fuel should burn better, and the amount of pollution should lessen.

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