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How to Choose a New Car

Research All Options to Find the Best Vehicle

Every year, the major car companies compete for business by boasting the lowest prices, the most safety features and the all-around best deals.

With so many of these claims from television, radio and magazine ads, choosing a new car is often confusing and even intimidating. Even car shopping novices can make an informed decision about what kind of car to buy. Coming armed with information helps you get the best deal at the car lot.

Research Different Makes and Models of Cars

Should you buy a family-friendly SUV or a sporty two-door sedan? With so many makes and models from which to choose, it is hard to know which one is right. The best way to narrow the choices is to consider lifestyle and plans to for future use of the car. For commuters or frequent travelers, a fuel-efficient model is a good choice. Large families may be better served by a spacious, kid-friendly minivan. To decide exactly which type is the way to go, ask these questions.

  • Does the driver commute or travel frequently?
  • Will there be only one main drive or shared driving responsibility?
  • Does the car need to accommodate small children or a large family?
  • Will the car need to carry or haul heavy loads?
  • Are you willing to pay extra for optional safety or convenience features?

With these questions answered, several vehicle options that meet these requirements should become apparent. With these in mind, start comparing more specific features of each make and model.

Compare Different Cars and Features

Once several cars are under consideration, it is time to compare what each has to offer. Thorough research on these important features.

  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Fuel economy
  • Warranty coverage
  • Overall price

Use the Internet to find an abundance of information on all makes and models. The websites of car manufacturers provide a wealth of information on their models. They describe pricing, vehicle specifications and options packages. Most manufacturers’ sites also have build-your-own vehicle applications, which allows buyers to get an estimated price including all additional desired features. Also, check out the websites for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and Consumer Reports for more complete data on the safety and reliability of new cars.

Informed Car Purchases Leads to Satisfied Consumers

When it comes to choosing a new car, some people have been dreaming about their selection for years. They purchase it without considering its intended use, price or safety features. While this may be gratifying at first, it is not the best decision in the long run. By carefully researching all options and comparing features, buyers remain satisfied with the car even after the newness wears off.